Sell your food direct to your customers with 0% fees!

No Fees - Just Profit

We are helping Independent Restaurants stay open and survive COVID-19 lock down by reducing your delivery cost and bypassing all 3RD party commission fees.

How Appetivo helps restaurants

Sell your food direct to customers No Fees, No Commission, No Dilution

Re-establish yourself as the independent food provider you were when you first started your restaurant. Protect your business from COVID-19 laws that will shut you down and make it impossible to operate your restaurant. Take back the control you've earned as a passionate restaurateur. This is a tough business already, especially during these times, and there is no reason to close and fire your employees when you can stay open and reduce your overhead.

Appetivo enables small restaurants to sell direct to consumer and earn maximum profit, absolutely free!

When we initially started Appetivo a few years ago we were all hoping that CA would put their approved AB-626 food law into action by allowing home chefs to sell food and make money from home. But now almost 2 years later we are still waiting and only a few counties have activated the law with the majority of Californians still waiting for this promise to become a reality. The delay left us no choice but to pivot Appetivo into a more practical solution to now help "mom-and-pop", independent restaurants who are getting shut down because of COVID-19 lock-downs. And even though vaccines are finally being released as fast as possible, it will probably still take a while for businesses and the country to get back to normal.  So while you are at it, may we suggest you use this opportunity to also get out of the "delivery cooking pot" controlled by large companies who are not experiencing any of your financial burden. You are only helping the rich getting richer.

So if you are a small restaurant being challenged by steep delivery fees during tough times, Appetivo would love to help you take back the control you relinquished over time. There is not need to pay 25-35% fees to running your business in the middle of a pandemic. 

Get your kitchen and your social media ready for sales and hungry customers. 

See how it works and join today

Why Appetivo?

Take control of your take-out during COVID and forever, with Appetivo

Appetivo was founded in 2017 as an easy to use sales and payment app for local food. We are based out of Los Angeles, California. Our original goal was to enable technology to a fresh new cooking community of trusted home cooks, mom & pops and other local restaurants personal chefs and even food trucks

But with the pandemic, we’ve leaned into the struggles of small and local restaurants whose business has been decimated by local lock downs and ordinances. Further, the exorbitant fees that Ubereats and the Door Dash’s of the world charge are criminal!! (in our opinion). We think your customer is YOUR customer. Once they’ve eaten your food, you can take back your margin from those platforms and do what you do -- Service your customers locally. Use Appetivo for easy payments, scheduling and online menu management. Organize your customers to pick up or take local delivery from you. This will be your high margin business. You can continue to use the 3rd party delivery cos for new customers which you can convert to Appetivo ordering once they’ve ordered.
 You keep more of your money.

Appetivo is 100% free for anyone who wants to cook and sell their food. And here is the best part...
we don't charge our cooks & local restaurants one penny for joining and selling food on our platform.
Simply log in with your email or Facebook account, upload of your best food photos of your favorite dishes, set your price for each item and share your menu with your friends on Facebook & other social pages. It's super easy to get started.

Activate your menu and leverage our support staff.

Sell Direct to your customers

Appetivo is 100% free to small restaurants. During the pandemic we will never charge you for your food sales. Our web app enables you to connect with your local customers and easily share your menu on social media.

Access via any device

Make the food you love and we will help you promote to customers near you. Your Appetivo menu is easy and fast to set up via any device. From Android simply add to your home screen and as progressive web app icon. 

Take back control

Continue what already you love to do.  Sell your food direct to your loyal customers who want to support you. Inform them of and encourage your fans to stop using other apps that charge you, huge fees to stay in business.

Get started in 3 easy steps!

1: Create your menu

Zero commission fees, no catch! We only want to help you stay open. 
Sign-up on

Sign up via email or Facebook connect. Quickly upload your best food pictures of your best dishes via desktop or mobile to get your kitchen going.

Initial kitchen setup takes about 15-20 minutes if you want to do it yourself, OR you can contact our Kitchen Support and we'll do it for you at no cost.

2: Create Awareness

Share your food and menu with your existing customers, direct or on social media.

Use our built-in Facebook sharing functionality to share your menu and food items instantly to all your friends on Facebook. Pretty soon everyone near you will be able to see your amazing food on social media and buy in just a few simple clicks.

3: Sell your food

Real-time electronic CC payments. Earn money same day.

Use Appetivo's order management to organize your menu and availability.  Each time an order is placed, money is transfered to your bank account via Stripe. SMS and email notifications are sent to keep you in the loop of all order activity.

Learn more about Stripe secure transactions and create your free account on Stripe account today.

Frequently Asked Questions

By default, Appetivo offers built-in Facebook sharing functionality. Every time you add a new food item to your menu you will be able to share it on your Facebook wall. So the more items you have on your menu the higher your Appetivo visibility becomes over time.

In addition, you can include hashtags in front of certain keywords which will increase your visibility in Facebook search. e.g When sharing: "This is the best organic beef burger you ever had. Home-baked bread and butter lettuce, wraps this 500g kobe beef patty into an explosion of flavors thats hard to describe" - Use the # symbol to add keywords such as, #burger, #home-baked, #flavors, #kobebeef , #freshbread and so on. 

Finally, you should ask your customers and friends to like and re-share your food on their own Facebook and other social media pages. We made it very easy for buyers to also share to Facebook which will greatly increase your visibility. 

Make it look good! No logos. Just food. And if you need any help just click the support link on the main app, top of home page. Have fun sharing your food on Social Media.

Each time a customer places an order you will receive an SMS notification plus email to make sure you don't miss anything. You also have the option of updating your Appetivo phone number anytime if you need to leave someone else in charge, while you are away.

All your food orders are controlled within the Appetivo dashboard. Every time a new order comes in the customer will receive an email notification to let them know you are working on their order. It also allows you with the flexibility to let your customers know how long they will wait for their food to be ready.

And if you ever feel like taking a break or are being overrun by orders, simply change your kitchen visibility in the dashboard to make sure new customers are not able to place orders until you are ready again. Or perhaps you run out of cheese to make that incredible Burger everybody has been yearning for, no problem just visit your visibility page and disable the menu items you are not able to sell for now. It's that easy.

Even though we are mainly focused on supporting smaller restaurants, anyone can join. Our main mission is to to help any restaurant business who is trying to break free from the larger delivery companies, taking a big chunk of their revenue.

Any restaurant can start with their top selling meals in a matter of minutes and expand their menu over time. We like to recommend you start with the five best selling items on your menu. Don't overthink it too much, see if works for you and then go from there. Some of our customers have referred to us as a Shopify for food.

Simply sign-up on and click the "Sell your food" button!

Appetivo is completely free. And by that we mean 100% free with no hidden costs.  

You have complete control over the pricing of your menu items. You will earn the exact amount requested (minus any bank fees depending which service you use).  At a later stage once business is back to normal for most us, Appetivo might charge a 10-15% convenience fee to your customers only. Once an order is placed the money is instantly sent to your account via Stripe.   

Appetivo Mobile View

Share Appetivo on your social media

Be sure to share with your customers and inform them in your restaurant
and on your social media of how they can order from you, moving forward.

Register your restaurant name!

Register as soon as possible. Restaurant names and URL's are unique just like social media pages. So get started before you lose your name.

If you ever get stuck or have questions, we make it our goal to respond as fast as possible. And should you run into any technical problems for some unforeseen reason, send us a short descriptive email to

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